In order to give you the best and most accurate proposal, we ask for as much information as you can provide to help us prepare our proposals, typically covering the following:

  1. Detailed site plan preferably or floor plan with dimensions (incl. ceiling heights) of the church and/or rooms to be heated. Please mark the location of the distribution board(s).
  2. External pictures to provide us with as much detail about the building fabric as possible.
  3. Internal pictures of the church/rooms requiring heating showing ceilings, wall, windows, doors and floors, including positions of fixtures and fittings such as lights.
  4. Details on building wall construction type (solid, solid with insulation, cavity, cavity with insulation).
  5. What is the ceiling structure in the spaces / rooms to be to be heated?
  6. Is the ceiling void insulated and if so with what? If you are making improvements, the improved state is what we need.
  7. External window type (single, double or triple glazed)?
  8. Most importantly the electric Supply (single or 3-phase) – the location (on the site plan) and pictures of the inside of the distribution board showing details of the contactors and cables going in to the board. Please include the incomer fuses and a copy of your most current electrical condition report if available.
  9. What is the existing heating? If electric, provide pictures of the heaters and state the power rating of each unit (kW)?
  10. Do you have internet in the church?