The real innovation in our heating technology for churches lies in the energy efficient way in which heat is produced. In contrast to convection heating, our infrared heating systems warm the thermal mass (ceiling, walls, furniture and people) where the energy is stored. The energy is gradually released as heat.

The homogeneous heating of the church or room results in a pleasant environment with a constant humidity (approx. 45%) and minimal air circulation. The air temperature can be reduced by up to 2-3°C whilst maintaining the same level of thermal comfort. For every degree the room temperature is lowered, energy savings of around 6% are made. The warm drier walls become better insulators and prevent condensation.

The infrared emitted from our heaters is completely natural, 100% safe and good for the well-being of the congregation, clergy and staff.

Infrared for churches

Our infrared products are visionary technical devices designed to make best use of infrared radiation as a source of heat. This is why we have the right ingenious heating solution for each space and room within your church.

Different sized rooms require different wavelengths of infrared to heat them effectively. For example, in large rooms with high ceilings like the nave of a church and ancillary rooms with vaulted ceilings, medium-wave infrared is used; whilst in smaller rooms with lower ceiling heights of under 3m long-wave infrared is most effective.

Medium-wave infrared heater

Medium-wave infrared emitters

Designed to provide a total heating solution, these infrared heaters reach operating temperature quickly to give a soft, pleasant heat and excellent individual comfort. They also provide excellent protection against cold draughts from doors and windows.

Ceiling mounting or suspending the infrared heaters will prevent any accidental damage and increase safety. At the same time, optimum distribution of heating avoids cold spots and keeps the floor space free for seating and activities.

Long-wave infrared panels

Long-wave infrared panel

Our infrared panels are suitable for mounting on the ceiling, in suspended ceilings or on the wall. Ceiling mounting allows optimal use of the floor area and avoids damage to the heater. These panels require no servicing or maintenance and are completely electromagnetic field (EMF) free.

No moving parts mean a completely silent heating system which requires a minimum of maintenance. The heaters are classed as a dark emitter which means there is no light emission when operational.

Maximum infrared is directed into the room thanks to optimal insulation on the rear of the unit. There is almost no heat loss at the back, making it one of the most efficient infrared panels available. The generous emitting surface and homogeneous temperature of the infrared panel ensures the room is warmed evenly.

A choice of controls

SMART heating controls

Precise control of the heating saves operating costs, avoids wasting valuable energy and improves thermal comfort for everyone within your church. To achieve this, the main spaces / rooms in the church are treated as separate heating zones, with each zone being controlled by a separate thermostat.

We offer a range of wireless control options to ensure the heating is as efficient as possible whilst being in line with how you like to manage your church.

Our wireless controls simplify the installation process, avoid the need for new cable runs (and the the disruption this creates) and allows a modular approach with the ability to simply add additional heating zones in the future.

Control options include:

  • Smart Heating Controls – on and off site control of the heating via a smart phone or device with a user-friendly app (unlimited users). Set by the church management team, with the option (if required) for users to alter the temperature during the times that the building is being used.
  • Wireless programmable thermostat – onsite control via wall mounted programmable thermostat. One thermostat is used per heating zone. Programmed by the church management team.
  • Thermostat and manual timer – onsite control via 1 hour push-button manual timer. Target room temperature is pre-determined by the church management team.

How does infrared heating work?

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t freeze on a sunny winter’s day in sub-zero temperatures? This is actually the principle of infrared warmth at work. When infrared warmth hits our skin, it instantly releases a pleasant sensation of heat, and it is therefore also called ‘radiant warmth’. Infrared heating is based on this principle of direct warmth and provides particularly efficient heat, saving on energy costs, reducing the circulation of air and retaining heat within the room even when doors and windows are opened.

Infrared warmth enables us to feel comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. If you were in the shade, the air temperature would be the same, but you would be cold without the infrared.

Infrared heaters use electrical energy to generate an infrared wavelength which is emitted from the surface of the heater.

The infrared waves travel inertly through air until they come into contact with solid objects such walls, floor, ceiling, furniture or even human beings where the energy is stored and gradually released back into the room as heat.

Homogeneous heating of the room results in a pleasant environment with a constant humidity (approx. 45%) and minimal convection currents.

This is the decisive difference between infrared heating where occupants are warmed directly and the heat generated by traditional convection heating where occupants are warmed through contact with warm air. As a result the ambient temperature can be reduced by up to 2° to 3°C whilst maintaining the same level of thermal comfort.

Convection heating

  • Causes cold spots
  • Circulates allergens and viruses
  • High air temperatures
  • Low surface temperatures on building shells and objects
  • Energy-wasting air exchange (creates drafts under doors and through leaky windows)
  • Relative humidity is lowered

Infrared heating

  • Evenly warms the fabric of the room which in return radiates heat efficiently
  • Lower air temperatures
  • High surface temperatures of building shells and objects
  • Energy-saving air exchange
  • Relative humidity remains constant

Hardly any other heating system can be controlled as individually and comfortably as the LAVA infrared heaters. After turning on, the surface reaches a temperature of around 60 degrees within just a few minutes.

It’s all to do with the wavelength

The word ‘infrared’ (infra, Latin = beyond) makes it quite clear that we are referring to a range of electromagnetic radiation which lies beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum and is therefore free from UV radiation.

Contact us for further advice and assistance on how to replace your church convection heating with a more healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and maintenance-free infrared heating system.

We also supply infrared heating systems for village halls.